Hiking Spain's 'Coast of Death'

Spain’s Camino dos Faros snakes atop soaring cliffs that drop sharply to the sea, traversing a portion of Atlantic shoreline known as the Coast of Death (Costa da Morte). Despite its sinister name, a trek here can deliver a powerful calm. Source link

Australia races against time to avoid an ‘in danger’ rating at UNESCO vote

(CNN) — The Australian governing administration and a United Nations entire body are going through off this 7 days about whether the Great Barrier Reef is “in risk” of getting rid of its “exceptional common benefit.” The United Nations Instructional, Scientific and Cultural Group (UNESCO)’s Environment Heritage Committee is scheduled Continue Reading

Ancient 'sunken city' discovered in Egypt

Divers have discovered rare remains of a military vessel in the ancient sunken city of Thônis-Heracleion — once Egypt’s largest port on the Mediterranean — and a funerary complex illustrating the presence of Greek merchants, the country said on Monday, July 19. Source link